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T. Gozney Thornton and Old Hat Band

Junior “Duck” Cortez – Specialty Keys, Steve “Ese” Terry – Lead Guitar & Vocals, T. Gozney Thornton – Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals, Manuel Burciaga – Drums & Percussion, and Joe Dianda – Bass Guitar & Vocals

OLD HAT BAND a band of ‘Old Dogs‘ with a big bag of ‘New Licks‘ has recently morphed into a brand new band. The old dogs play what they call ‘Ragin-Latin Country‘, an eclectic mix of Country, Rhythm & Blues and vintage Rock & Roll, with a taste of Latin percussion, served up hot and spicy like a good Texas barbecue sauce. The band is made up of veteran road musicians with over 100 years of ‘payin their dues‘ between them.

T. Gozney hails from the c-OZ-mic ‘Austin Scene’ of the 70’s and has played from coast to coast. He had featured cuts on the 1975 Kerrville Folk Festival album, KOKE FM’s ‘Best Bands in Austin’ album, the official state sesquicentennial album: K.R Woods, ‘The Fathers of Texas’, singing a duet with Ray Wylie Hubbard, and recorded his ‘Pass It On‘ album at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales studio with Willie as executive producer.

Additionally he has played at several Willies Picnics, Farm Aid, The Palomino Club in Hollywood, California and the stages of Las Vegas. His band, ‘The T. Gozney Band’ was written up in Bill Board magazine as one of the top five bands in the Pacific Northwest. Now with the new release of ‘Legends Before The Fall‘ CD, T was nominated for a Grammy Award for the song ‘Es Tu Vida‘ with his friends Augie Meyers and Flaco Jimenez of the ‘Texas Tornados‘ helping to fill out the sound.

T. Gozney Thornton has just released is new song ‘Necesito Nada Mas’ and it should soar to the top of the charts this year. Here’s a preview of the song!

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