Meet Old Hat Band

In 1998 T. Gozney Thornton and Richard Ramirez started a band, and named it ‘The Old Hat Band‘. At first it was just the two of us, Richard on keys, piano bass and a drum machine, with me on guitar and harmonica. We both sang and had great harmonies…still do! Richard has since gone on to other endeavors, but he still plays with us on occasion.

Then we got Manuel Burciega to play drums for us and added various guitar and bass players players through the years…but kept on playing and ‘kept the dream alive‘ with the ‘Old Hat Band‘. All the songs we played were ‘Old Hat‘!

Manuel Cortez, Steve Terry, Manuel Burciaga, T. Gozney Thornton, and Joe Dianda

Steve “Ese” Terry led the wildly popular band “The Border Beats” on a ten-year rampage up and down the Rio Grande–striking terror into the hearts of young girl’s fathers wherever they went. During his time in Los Angeles, Steve recorded with such national artists as Johnny Rodriquez and Blondie Calderon. Grew up in Del Rio.

Junior “Duck” Cortez, -El Maestro- is a keyboard wizard. Having played with Sonny and the Sunliners, Flaco Jimenez, Ruben Ramos and other TOP Tejano, bands, he lends a true TEX-MEX experience to the Old Hat Band.

Joe Dianda lays down a solid bass bottom that keeps the “DAWGS” a-growling. Joe, with his brother Gilbert, gained national fame leading the band “Coyote”. “Coyote”, on it’s own, and as the opening act for Little Joe & La Familia were renowned in Tejano circles and popular throughout Texas and the Southwest.  During every performance, Joe has the microphone all to himself as he sings some solo country favorites that you know the words to, with a distinctive Tejano twist. It’s all good.

Manuel Burciega has been one of the premier drummers in West Texas for over twenty years, playing with the likes of Frank Trevino, Junior Pelzel other popular Contemporary and Country bands. Manuel and Joe serve up the “Hot Latin Rhythm” that drives the OLD HAT BAND like a well-oiled machine. Together, the band is a pack of experienced old dogs…playing with a bag of brand new licks!!!

T. Gozney Thornton is the leader of The Old Hat Band and he has a long list of musical accomplishments in his resume.  You can read more about him on a separate page or by clicking here.  He has a great story and you can learn lots more about the man and his music there.

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