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Press Release—-

Grammy Nominated T. Gozney Thornton has written plenty of songs through the years in the music business, and it seems that now he has a real tiger by the tail with his new song, Necesito Nada Mas‘! This is one of those songs that gets in your head and you keep singing parts of the lyrics all day long. This song sends pure positive energy waves right through the air and it’s guaranteed to lift spirits and bring smiles in two languages. America has needed a song like this to come along and make us all have a better outlook on life.

Photo Shoot for Augie Meyers and T. Gozney Thornton

T. Gozney recorded Necesito Nada Mas in late 2010 and was accompanied by his good friend, the legendary Augie Myers of the Texas Tornados and the ‘big sound’ of the famous Mariachas Aztecas with a little Max Baca thrown in for fun. The result is the creation of one of the best Tex-Mex cross genre songs to come out in a long time. ‘Necesito Nada Mas, yo tengo todo‘! I don’t need anything else, I have it all.

The song came to T. Gozney after talking on the phone to a newly married friend of his. When asked how he was doing, his friend told him, “I don’t need anything else, I have it all right here. I have a little money, plenty of good food, the love of my life……I have it all.” T. Gozney took that upbeat message and the song ‘Necesito Nada Mas‘ has now been released and is ready to rocket up the charts.


Grammy Nominated ‘Legends Before The Fall’ CD

On ‘Legends Before the Fall ’, there are recurring themes about Thornton’s life and love. Thornton explains some of his songs:

Es Tu Vida’—“It’s your life. It’s a real roller coaster ride.

And it’s a story of my life. It’s been a roller coaster ride. It’s been real high. Thought I had it made in the music business. I signed with Willie Nelson. [It was] every kid’s dream! And then got the rug pulled out from under me because they weren’t going to release my album. And I came here to San Angelo, started working as a plumber’s helper first, started from the ground up, and had to hock all my stuff. I’ve [since] built my life back up where I have something to be proud of. It could end in a moment’s notice; with droughts, the tower business could crumble into another 9/11. It’s a roller coaster ride.”

It’s Too Late’—“It’s about a girl I had been living with for several years, and I called her up from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, from an old cowboy bar we had been playing up there, and she told me she had moved everything out of the house and moved in with another man. ‘It’s too late, the magic is all gone,’ she said. The song was written before I met Pam. I wrote it a long time ago.”

T. Gozney and Pam Thornton

True Loving Ladies’—“Just my concept of women, I guess. True loving ladies don’t come free. You have to pay for them one way or the other. They take a lot of love and consideration”.

Best Part of Lovin’—“A song I wrote for my wife, Pam.

Legends before the Fall’—“Another story about people out on the road trying to make it after 20 years. [They’re] banging their heads up against the wall in those bars, and just chasing that big brass ring. But it’s just out of reach. And they’ve made it, and they were legends, and then the rug was pulled out from under them. In Legends, the guy is talking to a curandera, and she says, “When you get older, you’re going to make it.” And that’s what I believe about my own life.

Strawberry Stallion’—“This is a song about a rodeo cowboy who was in love with this girl, and she followed him all over the country while he was rodeoing. She had her own strawberry-colored stallion. And then he woke up one morning and the strawberry stallion was gone, [and] so was the girl. And the cowboy surmises the stallion and the girl are somewhere in Louisiana now, by an antebellum home, with the stallion standing out in the pasture. She got tired of chasing after him. And that’s happened to so many musicians: The girl falls in love with him, but then he’s on the road all the time . . . so it means something to me, too. I lost several girlfriends that way.”

Dream’—“Guy Mason (my drummer for 4 years when I was out on the road) and I wrote that song on a ranch in South Texas. We wrote it about a girl leaving… Well, it’s another love song.”

Here’s more About T. Gozney Thornton:

T. Gozney Thornton also has been nominated for a Grammy for another of his original songs, ‘Es tu Vida‘ with guest appearances by the Texas Tornadoes, Augie Meyers, Flaco Jimenez, and Al Gomez . T. Gozney Thornton and the Old Hat Band play “Rockin’ Tejano-Country”, an eclectic mix of Country, Rhythm & Blues and vintage Rock & Roll, with a dash of Tejano, served up hot and spicy.

T. Gozney Thornton has played the Kerrville Folk Festival, Willie Nelson’s picnics, the Palomino Club in Hollywood & all over the United States. He was voted one of KOKE FM’s Best Bands in Austin, and he has recorded live in the Alamo. And for good measure, he is a two time winner of the Simply Texas Blues Festival and a qualifier for the National Blues competition in Memphis.

–He was living the Austin music scene before Austin really had a music scene.” – Southwest Texas LIVE! March 2008

–”I find myself singing this song to myself and I have to say, it is a genuine feel good, country song. If this is not what a #1 hit song sounds like, then I don’t know what is.”-David Werst, Real Texas

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