T. Gozney has a Tiger by the tail…

…The inside story of the making of a hit song

Making a billboard hit country song takes a ton of talent, an ear for a tune, and the ability to connect with an audience.  Veteran Texas singer/songwriter T. Gozney Thornton, who started off with Willie and company  back in the day,  has put all that together with his latest song ‘Necesito Nada Mas’.  It’s a blend of Tex-Mex that hits home with any country audience from Del Rio to Delaware.  It’s got a real message and it’s one of those songs that make you feel better about yourself.

T. Gozney Thornton, Sasha and Richard Sutton

As with anyone who is in tune with the universe of music, Necesito Nada Mas came to Thornton in a flash.  Here’s how the song came to him as told by T. Gozney Thornton himself:

“I was out on my ranch in Knickerbocker, Texas when an old friend called me up.  He was actually on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on his honeymoon.  His name is Richard Sutton and he was brimming over with good feelings.  I could feel the excitement and positive feelings he had in his voice.  We visited some more and I offered my congratulations on his recent marriage, finding true love in his life, and wished him all the happiness I could offer.”

“Then I asked him if he needed anything else…..and his answer hit me between the eyes.  Sometimes that’s just how a song comes you, like with a bolt out of the blue.”  His answer was:  ”Necesito Nada Mas!  He needed nothing else.  He had it all.  He had some good food, a little money in his pocket, and his true love right beside him. ”

“If that is not a good premise for a country song then I don’t know what is.  It was strange how his answer affected me.  I picked up my guitar went to work on the song right away.  By the next day, I had it written both the lyrics and the melody and called him back and played it for him.  He really liked the song.  I did too.  I put a lot of resources into making a professional production out of it including the Mariachas Aztecas, a little Max Baca, and my good friend Augie Meyers of the Texas Tornados accompanied me.  I’m really proud of how it all turned out and Necesito Nada Mas is dedicated to every guy and gal out there with a guitar and a dream.”

Here’s a clip from the song ‘Necesito Nada Mas‘ and then you can watch the live performance!

Necesito Nada Mas clip

Enjoy watching T. Gozney Thornton and the Old Hat Band performing ‘Necesito Nada Mas‘ live at The Stagecoach Saloon and Dancehall!

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Press Release—-

Grammy Nominated T. Gozney Thornton has written plenty of songs through the years in the music business, and it seems that now he has a real tiger by the tail with his new song, Necesito Nada Mas‘! This is one of those songs that gets in your head and you keep singing parts of the lyrics all day long. This song sends pure positive energy waves right through the air and it’s guaranteed to lift spirits and bring smiles in two languages. America has needed a song like this to come along and make us all have a better outlook on life.

Photo Shoot for Augie Meyers and T. Gozney Thornton

T. Gozney recorded Necesito Nada Mas in late 2010 and was accompanied by his good friend, the legendary Augie Myers of the Texas Tornados and the ‘big sound’ of the famous Mariachas Aztecas with a little Max Baca thrown in for fun. The result is the creation of one of the best Tex-Mex cross genre songs to come out in a long time. ‘Necesito Nada Mas, yo tengo todo‘! I don’t need anything else, I have it all.

The song came to T. Gozney after talking on the phone to a newly married friend of his. When asked how he was doing, his friend told him, “I don’t need anything else, I have it all right here. I have a little money, plenty of good food, the love of my life……I have it all.” T. Gozney took that upbeat message and the song ‘Necesito Nada Mas‘ has now been released and is ready to rocket up the charts.


Here’s more About T. Gozney Thornton:

T. Gozney Thornton also has been nominated for a Grammy for another of his original songs, ‘Es tu Vida‘ with guest appearances by the Texas Tornadoes, Augie Meyers, Flaco Jimenez, and Al Gomez . T. Gozney Thornton and the Old Hat Band play “Rockin’ Tejano-Country”, an eclectic mix of Country, Rhythm & Blues and vintage Rock & Roll, with a dash of Tejano, served up hot and spicy.

T. Gozney Thornton has played the Kerrville Folk Festival, Willie Nelson’s picnics, the Palomino Club in Hollywood & all over the United States. He was voted one of KOKE FM’s Best Bands in Austin, and he has recorded live in the Alamo. And for good measure, he is a two time winner of the Simply Texas Blues Festival and a qualifier for the National Blues competition in Memphis.

–He was living the Austin music scene before Austin really had a music scene.” – Southwest Texas LIVE! March 2008

–”I find myself singing this song to myself and I have to say, it is a genuine feel good, country song. If this is not what a #1 hit song sounds like, then I don’t know what is.”-David Werst, Real Texas Blog.com

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